Wallace Gear Co. is a gear manufacturing company based in Shenzhen, China. We are specialized in precision manufacturing of gears, sprockets, couplings, torque limiters, speed reducers and gearmotors. Manufacturing customized high quality and industry-leading products has always been our priority. 

Our 20,000 square feet modern facility is equipped with a full range of percision gear hobbing machine and assebling lines. Since the company was founded by Mr. Shujian (Ronny) Guo in 1997, we have supplied domestic market as well as international markets including Europe, North America, Southeast Asia and Middle East. Our products have been used as functional parts in mechanical drive devices such as household electrical appliances, automatic control equipment, and medical apparatus. Now the Company has grown into one of largest gear-motor system market players in the world. 

In order to maintain the leading position in the industry, we are committed to Research and Development (R&D). As a result, we have been benefiting from the rapid technology innovations in our production.



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